Cars Rental in TURO, HYREACAR and other platforms

We are offering the best qualities and affordable cars in the market to customers. We are working on expanding our fleet  with luxury sedan, SUV and other type of cars at an affordable price   

House/Apartment Rental in AIRBNB and VRBO

We are working purposely  on expanding the quantity of houses and apartments on AIRBN and VRBO 

Cyber Security Solution

QSB already working on website dedicates for Cyber Security Services and Solution

Our distinctive characteristic

Our exceptionalism is based on the fact that we focus more on customer satisfaction first, technology next.

An enterprise that provides services to government, corporations and individuals is all about consumers . They are the backbone and main source of income for companies. They shape the culture, products and services of every organization, making each Unique. In today’s world , in order to adapt and update businesses , technologies play an important role. They run behind the scenes , allowing people’s dreams and aspirations to cruise . The following is an important fact about technology in the world we are living in today. The evolution in research and development in both business and technology  will thrive or dive based on how well they leverage it.  That’s the main reason that QUANTUM SUR BUSINESS  is focusing  on consumers first  and technology next.