Our Story​

Vladimir Rene is a persistent  Entrepreneur, inquisitive researcher who has a technical ,scientific and Cyber security background . He was a chemical technician before he started his journey in business and Cyber security, He has an immense amount of passion in doing research on how things work, how to prevent, protect and  detect attacks   and reverse engineering both hardware and software .  He quickly  became a skilled Cyber security professional and Entrepreneur .

In 2014, He successfully created an online business Under the name of SURBUSSINESS  where he sold more than 75000 dollars of cosmetic products to customers all over the US and Canada. In 20021 , He decided to establish QUANTUM SUR BUSINESS as a Limited Liability company in The Pennsylvania USA. Since then , Philadelphia is the first city that has officially accommodated the company . We are planning to expand in other cities and other countries as well . 

As a fresh endowment , QUANTUM SUR BUSINESS ( QSB)   employs less than a dozen employees experienced in Marketing, sales , design , engineering and  Cyber security in The US.

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Our Mission

With a team of talented and exciting collaborators , our mission is to provide incommensurate services to individuals and organizations  all over the US and other countries at a competitive price.  


Our vision

Our objective  is to be among the best service providers in the car, housing rentals and Cyber security solution in terms of high quality technology solution , customer service, and work ethics. Nevertheless , no matter how small the size and affordability  , we are working toward perfection , accuracy and stability in order to satisfy our customers.